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Almost by definition, popular ideas are boring. If we want something new and better, we must start with what’s currently out of fashion.  Here you will find essays and editorials on society, science and software technology, often with a libertarian perspective. More…

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    About Me

    I’m a software entrepreneur, which really means I’m primarily a computer programmer (or maybe it’s a “software engineer”).  You can tell because I place the period after the closing parenthesis in that last sentence, not before as I believe formally correct English may require. The scope of the period is the whole sentence and not the parenthetical comment.

    I’ve founded four companies, mostly successful, though not always very large, and have degrees from MIT and Harvard Business School. I live in southern New Hampshire, USA, within commuting distance of Boston (though I never have).  Our household includes my wife, who has an even better degree than mine, and two great daughters, who are often perplexed by their father’s ravings.  Plus a male Standard Poodle, who helps keep our male to female ratio more balanced, at least so far as a poodle can.